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Please rate the character performances...Photos by Joel D. Castro -

Gomez Addams (Aric Martin)

Morticia Addams (Amy Coles)

Wednesday Addams (Annie Claire Hudson)

Fester Addams (Paul Luoma)

Pugsley Addams (Nicholas Vizzi)

Grandma Addams (Carly Linehan)

Lurch (Matt Artson)

Mal Beineke (Spencer Johnson)

Alice Beineke (Alicia Reynolds)

Lucas Beineke (Scott Senior)

Please rate the Ancestor performances (in order of appearance)...Photos by Joel D. Castro -

Pilgrim (Chandler David)

Saloon Girl (Alexis Turner)

Knight/Death (Joel Castro)

Louis XIV (Christopher Tiernan)

Bride (Eileen O'Donnell)

Conquistador (Steven Flowers)

Bustle Girl (Alexandra Senior)

Flapper (Rosey Murrah)

Cowboy (Daniel Koh)

Harem Girl (Kaitlin Moore)

Caveman (Steve Weber)

Bloomer Girl (Holly Childers Weber)

Egyptian Queen (Lauren Blair) Jun 24-26 only

Please rate the overall quality of the production

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